Picked up straight from Ayers Rock Airport by Mulga’s tour company with 20 other travelers and our guide for 3 days, Geajay.
Everyone else had been on the bus 5 hours, so our first stop is at our campsite for lunch. I’m the only American (as usual) among several Brits, several Germans, a couple Swedish girls, a Irish girl and a Danish woman, and a Chilean girl.
After we eat a couple of sandwiches, we head out to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. We make a couple stops at the cultural center and some guided walks at Uluru(Ayers Rock) and then we’re allowed to take the Base Walk- 2 1/2 hour hike around the entire Rock.
It was really hot since it was nearly 2 in the afternoon, but I decided to hike it anyway and tried to stay ahead of the pack.
Uluru is very large, but smaller than I expected. Having spent so much time in Moab, this reminds me of mini-Moab. Uluru’s climbing area (more on this later) looks a bit like Lion’s Back.

The first part of the walk was somewhat brutal in the heat, but the second half was quite nice and ran into the Chilean, Victoria, a few times along the way. We found this cool bench:

Several views along the way:

We ended our day watching sunset with champagne.