I’m starting to think I need to describe this as my misadventures… So far I’ve had a lot of ‘complications, while travelling. Issues getting into Michigan, serious delays flying into Milan, and trouble finding my way to the hotel which I was assured had a direct shuttle from the airport (if they do, I couldnt find it). Not knowing a lick of Italian has proved challenging. It was very difficult to find my way around, especially since my hotel is so far out of the city center (again, selected due to having a shuttle plus internet).
Now that I’m here, I can plan better. All metro and tram (or ATM, which I discovered as this obvious means something else to me!) routes are clearly posted online and there is an app.
Speaking of ATM… I still need to find the cash dispensing variety as I used all the minimal amount I had (only 30€) in Euros already getting here (ok, I probably have 8 left in coins but you know its hard for Americans to think of that as money).
Now that I’ve checked in, showered and rested, I need to go find a dinner. Either in the hotel or close by as I really am tired from the travel and transit….