A major part of my Greece adventure, and the part I most looked forward to most, is an opportunity to sail the Greek islands from Mykonos to Santorini. Eight days on a 50 foot yacht in the Aegean Sea. I booked this through G Adventures, a company that mostly caters to active, solo travelers so I would be meeting some new people who travel like me.
The group is an eclectic mix: four guys and three girls consisting of one American (me), one Brit, one German, one Canadian, a young Australian couple and our Brazilian skipper who we call Junior. We think we’re supposed to have one more but they never show up or even call the contact numbers. So its just the 7 of us- 7 of us and 5 berths, so other than the couple only two people have to share. Berths are generally very small, but these seem downright spacious to me since I’m use to 30-44 foot sailboats. Ours are about 4 feet across at the widest part at the door, narrowing down to 3 or less about 10 feet later at the foot of the bed. Theres two with double beds, two with bunks, and the captains quarters. In an odd twist, the skipper picks me to have the second large double bed berth, leaving the German girl (Julia) to one bunkroom to herself and the two single guys (Marshall and Richard) to the last bunk room. Something about being the most “experienced”, which I think is code for oldest, though I doubt I’m older than one of the guys. I work past that obligatory “small/girl guilt” and toss my gear in my now Ginormous feeling berth.
The first night we’re just going shopping for supplies & food and grabbing a great dinner (I think mine was lamb kleminika and it was divine but I could only eat half). We’re staying in port through breakfast, headed for Delos after that.