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One thing I know for sure from my visit to Vietnam- the Vietnamese people are Fearless. I wish this could properly convey how crazy and collective-minded they must be, when I get home to edit some, I’ll have a nice...

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That’s More like it

Well, I checked out of my sub-par hotel and met back up with the group for a quick drive to our new location (together) in Hoi An. Hoi An is known as a quaint town and we will be taking a walking tour later today. But first, a...

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How long to Ha Long?

Wow, my first full tour day and I’m not sure I can fit it all into a single post. Today I was starting out at a hotel in Hanoi and was to end up sleeping on a boat in Ha Long Bay. First off, I started the whole group...

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14-Day Tour: Stop #1

So I’ve left the sticky heat of Thailand for a new adventure across Vietnam and Cambodia. For the first time ever, I’m joining a small group tour for the second part of my southeast Asia trip. Logistically and...

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