So I’ve left the sticky heat of Thailand for a new adventure across Vietnam and Cambodia. For the first time ever, I’m joining a small group tour for the second part of my southeast Asia trip. Logistically and financially, it just made sense right now. 

So some of the nice things about a tour (other than the obvious- that they plan and arrange it all) is that they send someone to whisk you through immigration and customs at the airport and to your hotel. A little strange that I think between three helpers and 2 airport staff at Hanoi airport, I heard two words spoken. This may make learning the language a bit tricky (wow, was it ever Quiet in the airport).

The first hotel , Flower Hotel, was nice (I’m not paying for posh) – the size of a small apartment and finally someone spoke to me upon checking in- in English of course. So just enough time for a nice sleep and off in the morning to Halong Bay.