Well, I checked out of my sub-par hotel and met back up with the group for a quick drive to our new location (together) in Hoi An. Hoi An is known as a quaint town and we will be taking a walking tour later today. But first, a quick stop at Ann Tailor to get measured for a piece of clothing (I need more shorts) and to be checked into our hotel for the next two nights.
THIS one is the best one yet- cute bungalow-style rooms with a dressing area, large bathroom and large sitting/bedroom area with a patio and loungers out by a pond.


Cut myself opening the patio doors, though, so hope my tetanus shot was as current as I think it was. I went out to the front desk and the girl there sterilized and patched me up.

A bit of a rest and light lunch at the pool is in order, I believe, until the walking tour in two hours.