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One thing I know for sure from my visit to Vietnam- the Vietnamese people are Fearless. I wish this could properly convey how crazy and collective-minded they must be, when I get home to edit some, I’ll have a nice...

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That’s More like it

Well, I checked out of my sub-par hotel and met back up with the group for a quick drive to our new location (together) in Hoi An. Hoi An is known as a quaint town and we will be taking a walking tour later today. But first, a...

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How long to Ha Long?

Wow, my first full tour day and I’m not sure I can fit it all into a single post. Today I was starting out at a hotel in Hanoi and was to end up sleeping on a boat in Ha Long Bay. First off, I started the whole group...

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14-Day Tour: Stop #1

So I’ve left the sticky heat of Thailand for a new adventure across Vietnam and Cambodia. For the first time ever, I’m joining a small group tour for the second part of my southeast Asia trip. Logistically and...

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Thai One On Tuesday

My friends and I went out with Captain Mark’s Phuket Sails Kho Phanak Sail Caves and Hongs Tour to explore the caves and hongs (hidden lagoons) in Phang Nga Bay, home of the beautiful limestone Karst scenery. The caves...

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