After a nice breakfast, Eric and I decided we’d go check out another temple and the Reclining Buddha. We went in search of Miss On at Kata Beach to see how much the ride would be. We couldn’t find her but found another tuk tuk near our bungalow. It turned out to be Miss On’s brother Nui who apparently had heard all about us and our Big Buddha adventure. Nui was a very colorful driver and insisted on taking us not just to the temple we indicated but to two other temples along the way. 

First temple he bought us fish food to feed the catfish for good luck.  

Next we went on to the Reclining Buddha, situated on the mountaintop on Ko Sire (just over a bridge from Phukey Island)

This was a very cool temple with fantastic views.

Next We took a pitstop at the “monkey see”. This is a grove alongside the road that Nui tells us has about 200 monkeys that come into every evening. We bought a bunch of bananas and went down to the grove (more like a bog) to see if we could find some monkey. There were about a dozen within view and a handful that came down to us.


Next Nui says we will visit #1 temple on Phuket- Chalong temple. This is a huge complex of temples where the main one is 4 stories tall.


We ended our jaunt with delicious meat on a stick and a bucket of Thai iced tea.