I took the train out of Sydney today, out to the Blue Mountains. After a couple of hours, I had arrived in Katoomba, a quaint little mountain town. I hiked through town towards Katoomba Falls and the 3 sisters.
I hiked into a section run by Scenic World that offer a skyway across a canyon and a mountain rail and skyway up and down to the valley floor.
On the railway down I met up with two nice Manchester chaps, Craig and Kevin, with who I spent half the day hiking.
We hiked to the bottom of the falls, to the top of the falls, and over to Echo Point and then back into town- about 5 hours of hiking total with some great views.







When I got back to town around 4:30, the next train wasn’t scheduled for another hour, so I got to go to a nearby pub for a glass of local cider. Had a nice chat with the bartender and listened to some great music.
Caught the train and met a woman from London and a fellow from Holland, comparing stories from our travels.
This was my favorite day so far from the trip. Tomorrow I head out of Sydney to Ayers Rock airport, so its an early night for me.