Back when I was a tiny tot, my parents would load my sisters and I into our prehistoric Suburban SUV and take us all over camping. My first real road trip came when we packed up for a summer road trip across the mid-west.  From Michigan to Wyoming, I got to experience my first ferry across Lake Michigan (a big deal), prairie dogs, mountains(nope, there are none in Michigan), geysers, buffalo and, honestly boredom (there’s a whole lotta nothin’ between Wisconsin and Wyoming).   I got to see the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone.  When I got home, I named a rabbit after the Grand Tetons.

I have loved road trips ever since and now have well over a half million miles on the road (most of them as the driver) and over 25 cross-country stints to my name.

What kick-started your travel bug?