OMG, just let me on the plane already! 2 delays and lost my cool NAWBO water bottle and then this: I’m sitting in the waiting area just minutes from boarding and my contact starts bugging me. I quickly pop it out, something I’ve done a million times and just like that: its gone! I look on my jacket, on my lap, on the chair, my shoes… Now panicked- and realizing I forgot to pack my glasses- I get out of the chair and look on the floor, again at the chair, my jacket… I finally take my jacket off and run my hands over the front, the sleeves. I look at my top, in case it got inside my jacket. Nothing. Panic, panic- am I really going to get to Australia not being able to see. I mentally prepare- I’ll need my eye doc to fedex me a new pair. How am I going to drive.
And there it is. On the floor. Unsmashed by my hiking boots.

Getting on the plane now. Let’s hope that’s the worst of it!