Well today was the day to leave Rhodes and the yogis and head for Athens. I was a little sad that I hadn’t really seen most of Rhodes and it was such a beautiful island. I definitely could spend more time there.
The flight to Athens was short (too short, I could have used some sleep). Thanks to some help from my favorite travel tool (Google maps, routes, and the all-knowing Blue Dot), I was able to easily navigate myself from the airport to my hotel. I’m always proud of myself when I can manage a new public transportation system (especially when the language is not English) and was REALLY happy I had learned to read a little Greek so I spotted the 2nd stop by name when I approached the transfer I needed to make. I was particularly jazzed when I noticed the transfer station had another bus listed than the one Google suggested that looked like it would take me to the same area. My mapped out 2nd bus wasnt scheduled to arrive for 20 more minutes, so I quickly learned how to say “Does this stop near Marni and Mager?” so if the alternate bus came sooner I could ask the driver- it did and I did. “Yes, get on,” he said and I was then 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Again, the blue dot let me know when the appropriate stop was approaching, so I knew just when to depart and then walk the remaining 5 (tiny) blocks to my hotel.
Well, being beat up and exhausted from daily yoga, socializing, and trying to keep up with work on top of it all, all I wanted to do was stay in for the night.
Mapped out my sightseeing for tomorrow, worked for a couple of hours, ate some snacks, and now just crashing for the night.