Rain/deluge/tropical storm predicted today, so I decided to just drive up to the Daintree River and take a boat ride to watch for crocodiles.
There were just 4 of us with our guide Mick, who taught many interesting things about mangroves, and other local vegetation and wildlife.
Crocs in this area can get up to 5 meters long. The bigger ones in Daintree (6 meters) live upstream in the mountains a bit.
The biggest croc in Australia, Mick says, is 28 feet (about 7 meters).
Nope, don’t want to see that one in th wild.
Finally we did spot a croc, a male juvenile named Scooter- just under 3 meters (about 7-8 feet). Later we saw a baby croc and a younger juvenile.

And it rained. And rained. I was thoroughly soaked after a couple hours, so called it a short day to head back into town.